About Sharawaji Ltd

Sharawaji Records is dedicated to fresh new surf, instro, punk and powerpop.  Based in Coventry, UK with representatives in Asia, Sharawaji Records is looking for unique artists with a global perspective.

If you would like to send us your material please send via email or dropbox.  Please don't mail to our registered address as some of the mail is not forwarded to us. 

The Sharawaji Effect:

"Unbridled and unintentional structures disrupt the nature-culture binary and reveal new forms of life beyond their disorder, which paradoxically can be completed fabricated. Thus technological and industrial sounds can become more natural than any imitation of nature. It is this blurring of the edges of aesthetics, this shifting at the frontier of art itself, that defines sharawadgi. (…) The sharawadgi affirms itself in contrast with the very banality it is based on. Sharawadgi sounds belong to everyday life. (…) They become sharawadgi only through decontextualization, through a rupture of meaning. (…) With the sharawadgi effect, we participate in the actualization of an impossible potentiality, and we hold our breath to so as not to prevent its accomplishment. The transported imagination becomes powerless and thus accesses the unlimited, the immeasurable. (…) It is the sublime of the everyday, the invisible but present exception of the ordinary. And it is this sense that we designate sounds – strangely discordant in relation to their context, a brouhaha, a sonic muddle – that magically and suddenly transport us elsewhere.“