Now shipping! The Evanstones new album "1961" on Digipack CD

New surf releases for 2019

Now shipping! King Ghidora's stunning debut album on 12" vinyl and Digipack CD

Streaming and downloads available

New release from Mark Malibu & the Wasagas now shipping on CD

The Terrorsurfs new album "Mutant Surfin' Trash" is now available as a digital download and on 12 inch splatter vinyl from Sharawaji Records.

Released 23rd February 2018

bandcamp_130x27_blue zombie-catchers-halloween-twist-ep | news | news


Sharawaji Records produces and promotes surf, instro and twang.



The first of our Halloween shock horror releases is a Los Kosmos / The Eyeberries split. A creature double feature is about to escape from a Russian laboratory. Theremins, tubes, vintage and 60's combo organ on the catchiest monster mash of 2018.

600104800 zombie-catchers-halloween-twist-ep | news | news

Available for streaming and download on Monday 15th October.


The 7” vinyl SRW050 will also be available date TBD.

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