Studio Surf Styles Vol. 1 Hodads Hang 10!


Sharawaji Records is proud to announce the release of the debut album from The Syndicate of Surf. 

Studio Surf Styles Vol. 1 Hodads Hang 10! explores the rich sonic landscape of the mid 1960s, as the sun sets on the surf music craze and considers how surf music would have developed if the British Invasion had not so much wiped out surf music, but melded with it in a glorious tidal wave of Silvertone powered rock n roll.

You will hear tracks originally recorded by The Stooges, The Dictators, The Ramones, Bob Lind, The Seeds, The Sex Pistols and Swing West in addition to four original compositions by Da Vinci Flinglestein.

The debut recording, has been professionally mixed and mastered by Gary Hobish at Armin Hammer Productions for release by Sharawaji Records as a digital download in addition to a full retail release as a Limited Edition Digipack CD.


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